Sports chiropractors, what do they do?

We all know that Chiropractors “do something with the back.”  Most often think of them simply “cracking ” the back to relieve tension. The truth is that Chiropractors go through extensive education so they can assist in allowing the body to function as best as possible while causing as little pain as possible.

One specialty is a sports chiropractor. In addition to just being a general Chiropractor, they have extensive knowledge in injury prevention and management. They spend a lot of time training at sporting events in order to assist those that are suffering from sports-related injuries or discomfort.

There are two tests that one must pass. Chiropractic Sports Physician, title is required before one can take the test to become a DACMSP or Diplomate American Chiropractic Board of Sports Medicine Physician.

The sports chiropractor will work diligently to find the root of the pain along with why it occurs when you walk or turn a certain way as opposed to doing other activities. They also have different tools to use, and not all are focused primarily on the spine.

Patients will learn the knowledge of how to mitigate the pain on their own, and there is no longer a treatment plan required at the physician’s office.

And of course your injury doesn’t have to be sports-related to see a sports chiropractor. If you are experiencing pain and need to find a solution to manage it, the sports chiropractor can help just as any other chiropractor would be able to. !