Benefits of massage therapy?

There are many benefits to getting routing massage therapy. A few of the major ones are as follows:

Back Pain:

Massage therapy is one of the top ways to relieve back pain. Weekly massages can help those relieve less back pain than those that do not.

Depression, Anxiety, and Fatigue:

Messages are known to reduce stress, improve fatigue, and reduce the symptoms of depression. Depression can create tension in the muscles that can be very painful.  Massage can help alleviate this.

Lower Blood Pressure:

Massages can increase blood flow, lowering blood pressure in the body. With a better circulation of blood, the body can revert to functioning at an optimal level.


Massage increases the levels of serotonin that the body releases which is a natural sleep aid within the body.


Massages are known to help to restore insulin levels and use of insulin within the body, as well as a reduction in inflammation.


Massages can create total body relaxation resulting in less migraine and/or tension. Neck, shoulder, and head massages help to decrease tension headaches and assist in reducing the number of headaches one incurs monthly.

As you can see, clearly the benefits of massage are great and massages are constantly becoming an increasingly popular way to treat a wide array of conditions.